Why do I repeat the same unhealthy emotional patterns over and over?

Why do I end up in the same destructive dynamics in each of my relationships?

And what is this endless longing I feel, this sense of something missing?


Meditation-based methodsHi, I’m Emma Swan and I’m a meditation-based therapist working with clients to resolve issues at their source, creating real and lasting change.


After more than 14 years of intensive inner work on myself and others, I’ve seen that everyone has deep within them all the resources they need to be fulfilled, to navigate this life – materially and spiritually – and to be at peace.


Unfortunately most of us are disconnected from our depths, and instead suffer, ‘put up’ with things, and carry burdens from the past.


I offer a free 20 minute phone/Skype consultation beforehand (all around the world) to hear where you’re at and give you a taste of what to expect in a session with me. So get in touch today!


I want to empower you with tools to free you from issues holding you back, and help you reconnect more deeply with yourself.


I will help you develop the vision needed to see the source of your issues and who you truly are behind your personality.


I can facilitate experiences of your higher self and help you reconnect with these deep inner resources that can serve you for the rest of you life.

Watch this short clip to find out more about me, and discover more about my meditation-based services.