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Helping you become free from inner blocks that hold you back

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Hello and welcome

My name is Emma Swan and over the last 15 years, I have been working with clients to resolve their personal issues at the source, creating real and lasting change.

I use a set of profound tools called Inner Space Techniques which work at a deep level beyond the ordinary mind, and empower you to see and know for yourself.

I’m dedicated to helping you become free from traumatic imprints which cause unhealthy emotional patterns and damaging relationship dynamics. And  I’m passionate about facilitating a reconnection with your inner depths and true nature.

See for yourself, know for yourself

About me

What I can do for you


Based on the fundamentals of stillness, silence and the internalization of consciousness, IST meditation techniques aim at the awakening of consciousness.


The central tool in the Inner Space Techniques repertoire – a meditation-based regression therapy – to unlock unhealthy emotional patterns and release traumatic imprints by getting to the source of them.


An introductory meditation workshop – Awakening the Third Eye – held in Phoenix AZ, February 2018. This dynamic 2 day workshop presents meditation skills that work for busy people.

Clearing Therapy

A specific technique to explore and eliminate foreign energies which are having a damaging effect on the client’s mental, energetic and even physical health.

Energetic Healing

Blockages and negative energies can be moved out of your layer of life force, and energetic imprints like scars, from traumatic events can be released.

Events and Talks

I run introductory, weekend meditation workshops and do talks on a range of topics in Phoenix, Arizona and elsewhere in  the US.

You should also know…

I offer a FREE 30 minute phone consultation before we start working together.

I am based in California and regularly visit Phoenix, Arizona, though I am available to see clients all over the US and rest of the world, on the phone and Skype.

Most of the Inner Space Techniques I employ work just as well remotely as they do in person.

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Get in touch today for a free phone consultation because I’d love to hear where you are at and answer any questions you have.