Why do I play out the same dramas over and over again?!

The reason why you get into the same unhealthy emotional patterns time and time again, is due to imprints or scars in your mind. I’m using ‘mind’ here to encompass both our thoughts and emotions, which includes all those past incidents and traumas, some of which you can remember, others that are buried deep in your unconsciousness because they were too intense to process at the time.

Unfortunately these ‘scars’ don’t just go away on their own accord. Even if you analyse the crap out of them (as I did), they still hold you ransom. Really they are screaming out to be healed. They are points of pain within you and they need to be expressed no matter how much you try to suppress or ignore them. So you keep finding yourself in situations where they can be heard.

Can I free myself from these destructive patterns?

Yes, the good news is, they can be healed. So much of your personal pain and suffering is caused by not knowing. As soon as you ‘see’ why things are the way they are, you are more than halfway there to healing the pain.

This is a key component to the service I offer. It’s about seeing these patterns from a totally new perspective, seeing when and how they began, their origin. It’s also about feeling and releasing the hidden emotional charge that is driving the pattern to play out again and again.

Is it going to be traumatic/ painful/ intense/ scary?

No it doesn’t need to be traumatic. In fact, in my experience, the overwhelming feeling that remains after releasing the emotional charge is one of deep peace and relief. Along the lines of…

‘Thank god, there’s not something wrong with me! THAT’S why I’ve been behaving this way’.

We also work together in a safe and held space, and in the process you connect with higher parts of yourself. So the big scary monsters of emotions you’ve spent so much energy and time avoiding, end up being nowhere near as bad as you thought.

Time and time again, my clients say, ‘I thought it was going to be so much worse/scarier/ painful/intense that it actually was when I went there in the session.’

Have you felt emotionally stuck before?

Have their been times in your life when you’ve felt like your playing the same tune over and over like a broken record? Share your experiences below in the comments.

And if you’ve had enough and you want a solution that actually works and provides lasting freedom, check out the services I offer to find out more. You really don’t need to just ‘deal with the pain’ any longer.

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