Establishing a standpoint out of the chatter

As you’ve seen from my last blog post, trying to shut up your thoughts directly is a losing game. Fortunately, the ordinary mental consciousness (OMC) is not the only place you can rest your awareness. There are other options, hurrah!

So let’s look how to not only find silence in meditation, but beyond in your daily life.

Your device to focus awareness

In addition to dealing with the main emotional charges which fuel thoughts, the other essential aspect of quietening the mind is establishing a standpoint of awareness out of the chatter. This is what is referred to as the ‘device’ in the Clairvision School, and it exists on a different level to the mechanistic OMC.

Some schools use mantras or other tools as a device to focus your awareness. At the Clairvision School where I trained, you are taught to build up subtle structures like the energy centre between the eyebrows (known as the third eye), so that it becomes a solid platform on which to rest your consciousness. In the beginning the qualities of vibration, light or space in this internal structure may be vague, but they gradually become increasingly tangible and accessible, even during your busy day.

What are the benefits?

Apart from finding more silence, resting your awareness on the device fosters self-awareness, allowing you to exist outside the cage of the ordinary mind. It also brings a centredness to your consciousness which allows you to be much more productive and focused during your day.

Repeatedly resting your awareness on subtle structures like the third eye strengthen it even further so it becomes more tangible and solid. Offerings of energy and support from spiritual guides can also reach you when you have a still point of awareness rather than a scattered, cluttered, impermeable mind.

For those who meditate, the device is an essential bridge from your meditation practice to your daily life. There’s little point reaching deep, still spaces of meditation, if as soon as you get up to start your day, your mind scatters in all directions and you lose contact with the silence within. The device is a way to practice awareness dynamically, ie. while you move throughout your day.

How can I learn this technique?

This technique is a systematic, tried and tested way to free yourself from the tyranny of the OMC, and one I have been practising for over 12 years now. I run weekend workshops introducing the meditation technique to busy modern people, plus other useful methods for protecting, managing and rejuvenating your energy (see Awakening the Third Eye).

As an ISIS or Inner Freedom Coaching client, you will also be taught the basics of the technique as both of these processes rest on the inner space of meditation beyond the OMC.

Practice, practice, practice

Really, what any meditation technique comes down to is practice, practice, practice. It takes persistence in the beginning to establish a consistent meditation practice and dynamic awareness during the day. But after some time, it becomes second nature and the practice will carry you gracefully through your day.  

Check out these pages to find out more about meditation, its benefits, and the practicalities of when and where to do it.

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