Something’s wrong, I just don’t know what

Have you ever had phases in your life when you’ve felt like something is amiss, but you don’t know what? You blame it on your partner not being attentive enough, or work not being satisfying enough, or the weather being crap, but the feeling persists even when external circumstances change.

It can be really uncomfortable knowing something’s wrong but not knowing what it is and what to do about it. I woke up feeling like this for years, and switched from trying to ignore it and distract myself, to proactively trying everything I could to work out how to ‘solve it’.

And of course, ‘it’ can be a number of things. It could be a yearning for something more that we looked at in the last post. It could be that you’re not aligned to the truth of who you are and what you love doing. Or it could be that a situation has stirred a deep, unconscious emotional charge within.

Whatever it is, it’s an awkward, restless place to be. Kind of like stumbling around in the dark trying to find the light.

So what can you do about it?

It’s all about having vision, and I don’t mean good eyesight (though that’s clearly handy for other things). Spiritual vision, developed through meditation and other such practices, allows you to see the source of this something that is not quite right (NQR).

Vision is the light switch that allows you to see the cause of your emotional state.

Instead of looking for external factors to blame (the ordinary mind’s expertise!), vision allows you to see the internal conditions that are actually causing you to feel a certain way. Once you have clarity on these internal conditions, you are halfway there to doing something about them.

It breaks my heart to listen to people clearly in pain talk about ‘their issues’ when I can see that the external situation they are focusing on is simply a trigger for the real reason why they are suffering – an unconscious emotional charge inside.

External conditions never ’cause’ you to feel a certain way, they simply activate inner conditions which already exist. So it doesn’t matter how much you change your external circumstances, the emotional imprint still remains and needs to be healed.

Vision – an empowering tool bringing knowing

Vision is one of the most empowering tools you can ever have. I say this from over 12 years’ experience and being a student of the Clairvision School, of which vision is at the heart. Vision is an active state. What you’re ‘looking at’ becomes more conscious and you become more present at a level that was previously vacant of awareness.

The knowing that emerges from seeing beyond appearances brings a deep inner peace and resting.

The antithesis of the person stumbling around in the dark.

Once you see the cause of the NQR feeling, you’re empowered to act in a way which can directly address the source of the problem. It may involve making a change in your life of some kind, but more often than not, it will mean connecting with yourself more deeply and facing issues that can no longer be ignored with a technique like ISIS.

How can you develop vision?

Listening to and following your intuition can be one of the first steps to developing your vision, as this is a basic faculty beyond the ordinary chatty mind. The more you act on these hunches, the more tangible they will become.

Directed towards sourcing emotional blockages, a technique like ISIS is a brilliant tool for actively developing your vision. Many of my clients have big ‘Aha! That’s why!’ moments, and see things about themselves and their loved ones that they were completely blind to before. Vision can be extremely pain-relieving!

Nothing is ever unsolveable, and you don’t ever have to just ‘put up’ with the feeling of something being wrong. You just need to shift your standpoint and start looking deeper for the true causes within. You need vision.

Have you ever felt like this?

Have you ever had the sense of things being NQR but you’re not sure why. Tell us about in the comments below and share what you did in response. 

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