Love sex (especially in the summer!)

It’s pretty hard not to feel sexy in the summer isn’t it? There’s something about the heat, wearing less clothes, sun on the skin, holidays on the horizon. I’ve got to admit, I’ve definitely been feeling it ;)

It’s made me reflect on how sexuality is such a core part of being human, yet how so many of us are out of touch and unfulfilled on a sexual level. Confronting our sexual issues to become ‘friends with sex’ can seem daunting though right? Not only are there big personal ones to face – from body confidence to sexual abuse – but there’s also layers of cultural conditioning in the way.

Topless women in Spain

The cultural conditioning bit was extremely apparent to me on a recent visit to the stunning Spanish island of Menorca. Whenever I visit Spain, I find it so liberating and sensual to join the topless local women on the beach and not be subjected to the gawking stares of men acting like they’ve never seen breasts before in their lives. Seeing a caramel-skinned topless woman breastfeeding her baby on the beach, hit home to me just how beautiful and natural this was.

Normalising sexuality & naked bodies

On our way back from one of the most idyllic coves on our visit – a nudist beach surrounded by cliffs and trees – a Spanish family asked us what the beach was like. I told them how beautiful it was, but seeing their young children, warned them that it was a nudist beach. The father looked at me bewildered and laughed, ‘oh, but that’s normalé’. Bit embarrassed, I smiled. Of course it is. My conditioning has led me to fear older naked men around children. But there were naked men, women, children of all sizes and shapes at this beach with no creepiness whatsoever. It did feel completely normalé!

That’s not to say that sexual abuse in Spain is not rife as it is elsewhere, but it did strike me that this ‘norrmalising’ of sexuality and naked bodies felt so much more healthy than the fear, repression, shame and over-sexualisation that often occurs in society.

How to come to love sex

So apart from taking a holiday in the Mediterranean (which I highly recommend), what else can you do to become friends with sex and love it?

If you know there are major issues holding you back in terms of sex (ie. most of us!), then you will need to look at them with a technique like ISIS. Many people try to go through life ‘ignoring’ these issues. Not only does this cut you off from a whole lot of pleasure, enjoyment, self discovery and expression, but it can lead to a restless frustration and eventual shut down causing all sorts of psychological and even physical ailments.

My history of sexual abuse

My own issues around sex were the main reason why I started doing ISIS in the first place. A serious incident of sexual abuse in my childhood caused me to fear and avoid sex as it brought up so many raw, painful and misunderstood emotions.

Fortunately, ISIS was a systematic method and provided a completely safe space to truly heal this past trauma. And after years of working on myself and with other clients, absolutely nothing phases me when it comes to sex. I’m a different woman now, and I absolutely love sex. Sexuality is an area in which I specialise and I’m passionate about helping others become friends with sex again.

Do it! Explore and enjoy!

Of course at some point, you need to get out there and explore sex – do it, push your limits, try new things – with an attitude of curiosity, respect and a fair bit of wild desire for good measure!

It can of course help to find the right person who equally honours this sacred act. But of course to do that, you need to be open, available, and comfortable enough in your own body and sexuality to attract them in the first place!
It always starts with you. So what are you waiting for?!

Get in touch today to book a session or find out more about how ISIS works, and take significant steps along the road to healing your relationship with sex.

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  1. Emma Swan
    Emma Swan says:

    Hi Sasha, I’m so glad you enjoyed it. In my work with clients, sexuality is an area I specialise in and am passionate about. I believe a healthy relationship with your sexuality is so essential to your development and fulfillment. I’ve also done a lot of work on my own sexuality, profoundly changing my life for the better. Hope that answers you :)


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