Protect your energy

Do you ever feel totally drained after being in a shopping mall or even after interacting with someone? Or do you feel all gunked up after being on public transport?

Especially when living in a busy city, you need to learn how to seal and protect your energy.

Foreign energetic fragments

While a shower may be able to wash off most of the ‘gunk’ you pick up on a crowded train on the way home from work, there are other energetic fragments you can pick up that are more difficult to remove and best to prevent in the first place.

Foreign energetic fragments can cause blockages and illness, as well as long-term emotional disturbances and changes in behaviour. Fortunately there is a way to detect and clear them.

So what can you do?

1. Be aware of situations where you’re more susceptible

Busy public environments are the obvious ones, like shopping centres and train stations. But one place many people don’t consider is hospitals even though they’re one of the most energetically ‘unclean’ environments you can find, where ill and dying people’s energetic bodies are literally breaking apart and dissolving.

In general, we’re talking any environment where you don’t feel comfortable opening your energy, this might even be particular houses that don’t quite feel right. Go with your gut instincts.

There are also certain people you’ll want to seal your energy around as they seem to be like ‘energetic vampires’, sucking the life force from you so that by the end of your interaction with them you feel drained and fatigued.

2. Densify by being in your belly centre

So how do you seal your energy in these situations? You need to densify you energy and become more solid and strong. You can achieve this by bringing your awareness to your belly centre or ‘hara’ – the area below your belly button. In the introductory workshop, Awakening the Third Eye (ATE), specific techniques are taught to help you do this and accentuate the densifying effect.

A practice

For now, when you are in a quiet and clean place where you won’t be disturbed, try this…

Sit in meditation position with your eyes closed, and let your awareness become centred between the eyebrows. After a few minutes as you become more still, take your time to let your awareness spread outwards slowly to feel the space around you… then the room… the house or building, and keep spreading to the street outside… the surrounding area… keep going till you feel vast and spread.

Then very, very slowly let your awareness become aware of the street… the house… room… and space around you, until you gradually come back to rest between the eyebrows. From here, let your awareness move down to the belly, you can use some deep exhales to anchor yourself, or even rest the palm of your hand there. Become aware of the ground beneath you, its solidness, and as more of your awareness enters your belly, notice how your energy feels different.

This simple exercise should give you an experiential reference for the difference between an open, more susceptible standpoint, and a dense and solid one. You can also try a version of this exercise walking around the room, first with your awareness very spread and diffuse, and then dense and anchored in your belly and feet.

3. It’s ultimately about vision and awareness

Despite being surrounded by energetic muck and fragments all their lives and probably having picked up a few along the way, many people become fearful or neurotic when they first learn about them. Really, it should be the other way around. We should fear what we don’t know. When we know something and can see it ourselves, we can actually do something about it!

The Clairvision School has developed a systematic technique for ‘mapping’ and clearing such fragments from people’s energy. Practitioners around the world have cleared thousands of such fragments, often having a profound impact on the client’s health and emotional state. You can read more about this process as well as a number of examples in Samuel Sagan’s book. You can also get in touch with me if you have any questions or suspect you may have picked up a fragment.

See for yourself, know for yourself

The most fundamental step though is to develop the ability to see these things for yourself, become aware enough of your energy and the subtle conditions around you. Then you can feel when something foreign is in your energy, and even better, you can prevent it from coming in the first place. This is why the first techniques taught at the Clairvision School are on subtle vision. ISIS is also a great arena in which to develop vision.

Sealing your energy doesn’t equal closing your heart

A final important point to make is one that often comes up in ATE workshops – sealing your energy by densifying in your belly does not necessarily equate to closing your heart. In fact, during the ATE weekend, we practice a number of techniques for different situations, including feeling both your belly and heart simultaneously.

There are also of course be situations where you don’t want to densify your energy but instead be very open and soft, like when you are with your lover, with a baby, sleeping or meditating. It’s all about having the vision and awareness of your own energy and your surroundings to you can adjust your standpoint accordingly.

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