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I’ve been talking to lots of different people recently about IST (Inner Space Techniques), and the consistent response seems to be, ‘Wow, that sounds incredible, like so much more than just therapy!’. And I smile because it’s true. What I love most about IST is its capacity for deep self-exploration. It’s possible to have tangible experiences of extraordinary parts of yourself you may only touch on after years of spiritual work or meditation.

Explorer and lover of adventures!

IST totally appealed to my adventurous, ever-curious and want-to-know (not be told) nature. Instead of traversing rock faces or enchanting forests though, I was given the tools to explore my inner terrain and all the riches, wonders and surprises awaiting me. And just like adventures in nature, my senses could get involved – it wasn’t abstract – I could feel the experiences in my body in a tangible and transformative way.

Journeying into the core

lava in holeI remember early on in a session just after discovering IST – over 12 years ago now – my awareness was moving through a dark cavernous space in my heart. I couldn’t see it so much as feel it – the jagged rocky edges were tangible to me. It did feel a bit unknown but I also felt safe and curious about what was inside.

At the bottom, to my surprise, I encountered an incredible space: a deep underground lava pool, at the centre of which was an exquisite blue flame. I had felt depressed and lost before this session, and re-connecting with this flame at the centre of my heart gave me the direction, enthusiasm and connection to my depths I’d been craving. I never knew how rich and fascinating my inner world was and how fun it was to explore!

Healing at the source

This is not to say that the therapeutic dimension of IST is not important. It’s why most people, including myself, start doing ISIS work in the first place. They feel frustrated knowing there’s an issue or block, but feel unable to move through or truly heal it. I was definitely in that camp, and had tried several healing techniques like Reiki which made me feel good for a while, but didn’t shift or resolve the patterns I was stuck in. Plus I wanted to know why I was the way I was – again that insatiable curiosity.

The moment my friend told me that IST gets to the very source of the issue, which can be in your childhood or even before that, I had an ‘Aha’ moment. I’d been dealing with the symptoms or working at a more superficial level that wasn’t getting to the root of the problem, when the pattern actually started.

Reconnecting with your essence

star-wallpaper-1This is what excites me so much about IST: helping people experience and release difficult emotions, that then allows them to reconnect with an essential aspect in themselves. Whether it’s the innocence and beauty they encompassed as a young child, or an incredible power and force which could move mountains – it’s awe-inspiring to witness these reconnections. Afterwards, the person rests deeper in themselves, radiating their self-knowing.

People can also have experiences which completely turn around how they think of themselves. One client came to me feeling scattered, confused and directionless, and ended up reconnecting with her early childhood (previously inaccessible) when she was surprisingly grounded, deeply rooted in her power and knew exactly what she wanted. After this reconnection, her whole concept of herself and how she lived her life started aligning around her true nature.

Past-life experiences

Several people come to do IST having never had any spiritual experiences, or perhaps not even being open to having them. As IST is purely experience-based – no dogma or anything to subscribe to – these people feel free to open to their own experience, which may be outside what they previously believed. For instance, IST clients can have tangible past-life experiences: feel a different body in a different time as thought it’s theirs and alive in this moment.

I didn’t believe in past lives until my second IST session when I experienced being an indigenous woman in such a tangible way, there was no doubting my experience. I could smell my surroundings, feel the earth beneath my feet, my intimate relationship with the land, and the suffering experienced from being cast out of my tribe. And I just knew that it was me. Still, it’s not the stories that are important, but re-experiencing and healing the traumas still imprinted from these lives and then reconnecting with aspects of yourself once inaccessible.

Feeling the part of you that continues from life to life can be one of the most profound experiences you can have.

Want to try it?

Until you’ve experienced it, it’s difficult to know how vivid and tangible inner experiences can be, or exactly how an ISIS session works. So I offer free consultations beforehand to discuss what you’d like to work on and give you a taste of what will happen in the session – contact me today.

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  1. Scott
    Scott says:

    I remember my first iSIS. Seeing a life where I died and left my body and then going through the death process. 10 years later…. I go back to contact my timeless nature (and work through all the emotional mud I collected, life after life).


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