The precarious balance between humility and greatness – as part of this human experience and being on a spiritual path – is one which has piqued my interest for many years.

We are all angels & humans

Each one of us is obviously a human being – often a messy one, sometimes lost, tripping up, loving, losing, getting hurt, trying, failing – and aware of both of our limitations and this special journey that is unique to us.

And each one of us is divine – a spiritual being, angel, god, whatever you want to call it – we are divine by nature. Often perceived beyond or above the physical body, there are magnificent aspects of us – our higher selves if you like – that share none of the limitations of our human selves.

Yet, inconveniently, these parts of ourselves often feel out of reach, far away, or just uninterested in being on earth.

Getting in touch with the god inside

greatnessDespite this frustration, it’s so important to get in touch with these parts of yourself. To see who you really are beyond the limits of the ‘down here’ human, the cage of the personality. I never cease to be amazed by the mismatch between how people behave in their lives or think of themselves, and who they really are – the forces they are connected to above.

Until you have experiences of these incredible parts of you, your spiritual dimension can be ignored and become a big blind spot in your self-knowing.

Danger of hubris & escapism

At the same time, there are dangers accompanying getting in touch with these divine aspects of yourself. For myself and many of my friends on the path, there is a very real temptation to ‘escape’ to these parts in order to ignore the pain of being human and difficulty unravelling the mess. These higher parts can be added to a long list of avoidance mechanisms of what really needs to be seen or confronted within.

Another danger at a higher level is that of hubris. Believing that the greatness is all you are. Forgetting or turning away from your humanness, your vulnerability. Forgetting your source and believing you’ve created your own greatness.

What is humility?

humilityThis is where humility comes in – a concept I continue to delve into to really know its nature. For there is false humility – pretending we are small, that we are no one, worthless – and this serves no one.

Then there is true humility. Feeling you’re small part in an unfathomable cosmos even when you feel immense. Knowing your essential fragility even when you feel powerful and sure of yourself. Remembering the source from where your light was born especially when it shines so brightly.

Devotion & wonder

Humility can be a difficult experience to put into words. For me, sometimes it feels like letting spiritual light into deep, hidden parts of me I usually protect with pride. Sometimes it feels like admitting I don’t know the answer rather than always being so sure.

Devotion and wonder seem to be two hallmarks of a standpoint of humility for me. Sitting in meditation and opening to the magnitude and beauty of spiritual forces, I feel a natural turning upwards – a deep devotion. Looking up at a clear full night of stars, peering into the galaxy of which we are such a infintisimal part, I feel nothing but wonder.

Embracing the angel & child

eternal childFrom what I’ve seen and experienced over the years, the key is being in touch with both – your humanity and your divine nature. Not forsaking one for the other, but rather –

Letting the magnificence of who you are above rest on this vulnerable foundation of being human.

For within the mess, defences and structure of your personality, there is an essential light within. It may not be showy or even bright, but it is real, sweet and always open. I often feel it as an eternal child within – so small and seemingly insignificant yet innocent, open and able to feel itself as part of the wider creation.

Anchoring & radiating your greatness

It is precisely this humble but exquisite light within that can anchor the greatness and magnificence you feel above. Without embracing this humble light, the higher parts run the risk of remaining abstract and something you only feel in meditation and practices, rather than flowing through you and impacting those around you.

This essential light of your humanity – your humility, your vulnerability – can be the piece which integrates your spiritual and human nature so they are no longer separate.


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