Empty or full?

Feeling empty or full is such a powerful dialectic to engage in your life.

Other ways to describe feeling empty could be burnt out, drained, lifeless, shut down, switched off, down, flat, low, anxious, lacking, depressed and bored.

Whereas feeling full is: experiencing being alive, switched on, enthused, strong, exuberant, abundant, vibrant, lively, sexy, radiant, present, generous, turned on, open and fortified.

You are in charge

The best thing is, you call the shots on whether you feel empty or feel full, every moment of every day. It is not up to life, work or others to fill us, though these things may help to. It’s in your hands to engage with the activities and behave in ways that contribute to you feeling full.

enthusiasm-5Get in contact with life!

Imagine starting each day by asking yourself, do I feel empty or full? If the answer is empty, go ahead and do what you need to in order to fill up,

Sex, dancing, working out, creating, connecting, loving, meditating, community, extreme sports, singing, being in nature. Whatever gets you in contact with the essence of life force.

Make a list of all the things – activities and ways of behaving – that make you feel most alive. Have this at hand whenever you’re feeling low or empty, and do one or more of them!

Feeling alive and sexy

5_RHYTHMS_Movemen_Practice_at_angsbacka_yoga_festival2_2012For me, it’s a lot about being really present in my body and feeling sexy and alive in it. This normally happens through sex, not just the act itself, but letting my sexual energy/life force flow in my interactions with people, while I’m dancing, even just walking down the street. This switches me on, makes me feel good, alive and full.

When I feel this way, I have a solid foundation from which to deal with all that comes my way. Little things don’t phase me, and I have the energy to deal with the big stuff directly. A lot of ‘stuff’ that might normally snag me and drag me down, just drops.

The elusive ‘wrong’ feeling

In contrast, when I’m feeling empty, it’s commonplace to feel an existential angst, general malaise or being down. I can go round and round in circles trying to ‘work out’ what’s wrong, when really all that’s ‘wrong’ is that I feel empty and need more Life. Explanations can make me feel better for a bit, but the low feeling creeps back in and sticks around.

Feeling empty or flat is the perfect breeding ground for neurosis.

Even where no problem exists, dramas, inner arguments, doubts and niggling thoughts generate like weeds on steroids.

Allow what you want

Another way to view ‘filling up’, is to acknowledge, allow and get what you want. To identify and accept your wantings is crucial to being able to get them. If you don’t recognise and approve of your own desires, how can you expect to get them?

If you feel deeply blocked on this level, de-suppressing your desires through Inner Space techniques can go a long way to turning around your relationship with your own wantings.

Keep things moving

Otherwise, if you can already feel desire within you – the stirring of life force – it’s your responsibility to keep things moving. And this means, instead of focusing on what’s wrong, where the problem or fear is, actively do more of what makes you feel full everyday.

This is crucial not only for your personal well-being, but your awakening.

I’d love to hear what you do to feel full and alive in the comments below!

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