One of the most powerful practices you can engage regularly on any spiritual path is aspiration, yet it is also so easy to get wrong.

Aspiration – turning upwards

Spiritual aspiration is the act of turning upwards, asking for help from spiritual realms.

Where we often go wrong is thinking we know what we need, or asking for something specific. Along the lines of, ‘please help me make [insert amount of money] by the end of the year’.

Reducing to the material

First of all, this can’t really be called aspiration. It is an act of reducing mysterious spiritual principles down to a material human level. Spiritual beings are not interested in us becoming more successful or even functional human beings, they’re interested in taking us to the next level – our divine nature.

Attracting the wrong beings

Second of all, such a request comes with ideas, conditions and preconceptions – in essence, the trappings of the ordinary mind. Asking for help with any kind of emotional charge or idea attached to it is not going to attract angelic beings, but rather lower beings which resonate with this level.

samadhi1Asking from your spiritual self

If you want to attract help from spiritual beings, you need to be asking for help from your spiritual self. This part of you is silent, still, internalised and receptive. It has no agenda or mental buzz about it. It does not assume it knows what you need, as the ordinary mind does.

Place of stillness and internalisation

This implies that in order to aspire truthfully, your awareness needs to be internalised and resting in a quiet, sincere part of you. Being in a deep space of meditation while aspiring goes a long way to your aspiration being ‘heard’ and a response being received.

Being receptive

receptive handsThis brings us to the final place we can go wrong – not being receptive. We may have a strong aspiration – our hearts, our entire being may turn upwards in a state of spontaneous devotion to spiritual realms – but if we don’t know how to then become yin and allow the response in, then we can’t receive the help we are asking for!

So often when we ask for help, we unconsciously turn away from or block the help. Receptivity is the key quality which links us to spiritual realms. There is a part of you that knows how to be receptive – feel this part and let it show you how it’s done.

A flame through the fog

My teacher, Samuel Sagan, often imparts a vision of there being a multitude of high spiritual beings above waiting to help and pour forces into us. But when they look down, they see only a dense fog. By staying trapped in our human box, in the endless preoccupations of the ordinary mind and emotional charges, we are essentially blocking the abundance of help that is there for us above. So tragic!

All it takes is enough stillness and an innocent turning upwards, for a flame to be visible from above. A flame which angelic forces can connect with and through which they can offer their help.

Remembering your divine nature

sun through cloudsThis vision from above the clouds looking down and seeing the grey mist that humans dwell in, is a revealing one. Even though our lives can seem so important, dramatic, despairing, exciting or lonely – they’re largely inconsequential when viewed from above. To these spiritual beings, we are the equivalent of ants to us. This is a humbling and awe-inspiring vision to have.

What really matters are these moments that the light of spiritual realms shines through the mist, breaks opens the box and connects with the essence within you. This is what brings you one step closer to remembering who you are, to reconnecting with your divine nature beyond the human paradigm.

Profound gifts

Even though I try to aspire daily, much fewer are those aspirations when something profound happens as a result. When I look back at those times when the response has been immense, my aspiration was particularly fierce and at the same time sincere, innocent and allowing.

Sometimes miraculous things have happened or changed in my life as a result. More often than not I receive just what I need at that moment (often something I was completely unaware of): love that fills my every pore of my being, support so I don’t feel like I have to do it on my own, or the deep peace of knowing who I am.


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