Have you ever had one of those friends, or even one of those moments, when you’re seen for who you really are? Behind the clouds of illusion and constructions, the light of you shines through, simply because the other sees it.

Moments like these are small miracles, acts of grace. Times when the walls, stories and beliefs we have about ourselves come crashing down to reveal the truth of who we are.

Heartbreakingly simple and profound.

The spotlight of love

I’m fortunate to have experienced many such moments, but who comes to mind is one particular friend – more like a true brother. He holds me in my uncertainty, my doubts, fears and self-judgement, and he sees and reflects only Me.

At times his words are like a warm breeze clearing the clouds to reveal the sun. His love is a relentless spotlight on my truth.

Crepuscular-raysSMALLERS-400x303Learning to love yourself

We often say to each other, “If only you could love yourself the way I love you”, and in my darkest times, sometimes I do just that – feel how he loves me and see if I can do the same.

My love for myself can waver, but his love for me is unwavering and teaches me how to open to myself even when it’s difficult.

A messenger from the divine

These people are so valuable in your life. Sometimes they can be the only way that spiritual realms can reach you.

In my case, I can open to my friend even if I can’t always open directly to the love from the divine. And I feel the same way for him – I’m like a messenger, a relay station for the love of the divine to reach him sometimes.

Shortcut to You

Being seen by another like this is a shortcut to you – as in your higher self. A piercing light that penetrates all that is not real, so there is nothing left to do, explain or excuse. It’s just about opening, surrendering and being in the fullness of your presence, as reflected by this special being.

Screaming to be seen

For underneath all of your struggles, stories, and ideas about yourself – you are screaming out to be seen. You may be angry and at war with yourself and life, but underneath you’re desperate to open, be loved and held. You may be uncertain, feel unloveable, like you don’t matter, but behind this all you want is to receive, feel full and aligned to a higher purpose.

Being shown the way

It’s your journey to come ever closer to the true yearnings beneath your well-formed coping mechanisms; to face the truths obscured by years of stories you’ve told yourself. Only you can do this.

But there will be people in your life – therapists, lovers, friends, teachers – who are essential guides on this path. They are not the way, but they can show you the way back inside to your centre. And the most effective way they do this is with the gift of love and vision.

Showing gratitude

s1It can be overwhelming to be given to on this level – how do you say thank you for the gift of being shown or reminded of who you are? The best way I’ve found to honour this giving is to embody the light they see. To step towards and embrace your truth with the same love and acceptance they have for you.

If this person’s motives are true, they don’t want you to give anything back to them, they just want you to be yourself – the fullness of presence and light they see and love. To fully be this is your greatest giving, your act of gratitude.

Opening to who you are

I aspire to be courageous enough to do what my dear friend suggests, even when it’s most challenging…

“Just be who you are. There is nothing to prove. Just receive and where you can’t receive, forgive yourself. Open to yourself but not with effort.”


Do you have someone in your life like this? Or do you resonate with this post in any way? I’d love to hear your experiences in the comments below.

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