Occupying You

There’s a powerful concept in the Clairvision style of work I do: presencing. So what does it mean?

To presence a part of yourself means to bring the fullness of your awareness or your presence into it. To ‘occupy’ it so to speak.

What is your presence?

Your ‘presence’ is beyond your mind, beyond your personality. When you’re in it, you have that magical feeling of You, like you’re home. It begins with stillness and a silencing of the mind, when your unique flavours are then able to come through – your particular combination of light, warmth and other subtle qualities. 

Being present in moment

Your ‘presence’ or ‘presencing’ is different to being present in the moment. For instance, you can feel present in the moment, but there can still be unconscious mechanisms at play at a subtle level which you may not even be aware of, yet which limit the extent of your ability to be fully embodied. Nevertheless, seeing and presencing these mechanisms then goes hand in hand with the vital practice of being as present as you can be in your daily life.

Without any of these mechanisms, you’d be a fully realised being, with nothing blocking the fullness of your light.

Occupying your inner landscape

433732021-canyonlands-national-park-utah-rocky-landscape-shadowWhen working with clients, I often see their consciousness or psyche as an inner landscape – some of the terrain is occupied by their presence, bringing a certain fullness and light. Other parts are either absent of their presence and feel weak or empty, or are occupied by an external influence that doesn’t feel like them at all. In contrast, these parts of the inner world often feel dark, closed, twisted or shielded.

Why are some parts of your inner world absent of your presence?

Any kind of trauma or impactful event can leave gaps in your psyche. This can manifest in various ways. I’ve seen clients who have vacated their belly or sexual centre after repeated sexual abuse when younger. There are people who disown difficult emotions, like rage or hatred, since it hasn’t fit with their idea of themselves or they were taught it was not okay.

Vacating, disowning, rejecting, not incarnating

Others have rejected a part of themselves, like their younger self, because it felt weak or unsafe to be in – leaving a gap between their adult and younger self, so this essential part of them is no longer accessible and integrated. Also, for various reasons, some people don’t fully incarnate – there is still a part of themselves that is not here, that has not ‘landed’. This can be a decision they made before being born, or it could also be a result of not receiving the holding and attachment needed as a baby.

What happens when you’re not occupying all parts of yourself?

fd4f82a374065dcae1df9f39ff5c4dd8If you are not there, it is inevitable that other, external influences are. This can include belief systems picked up from elsewhere, which can sometimes become so crystallised they appear as structures in the client’s energy – like scaffolding or a shield. Many clients I’ve seen have picked up non-physical fragments or entities, which now sit nestled in their energy, often causing a range of emotional and even physical problems.

As you develop subtle vision, you see that it’s just not possible to be susceptible to foreign or external influences like this when you are fully occupying your energy – awareness and presence bring a certain robustness and are your most reliable protections. 

The power of Inner Space Techniques

This is where the power of techniques, which work in a precise and rigorous way with the subtle energy of a person, come into being. For no matter how many affirmations you repeat or thought patterns you change, if something does not change at a deep energetic level with the assistance of spiritual presence, then the change is likely to be superficial or temporary.

Making the unconscious conscious

So in a session, I will guide my client into these places within that lack their presence. It may feel uncomfortable initially to face those influences that don’t feel like them or experience those emotions or states they were trying to avoid in the first place, but they soon see how much havoc these dynamics are causing, even though previously unseen. They start seeing these structures, beliefs etc. are not serving them but actively working against them!

Filling rather than fixing

There’s no need to do anything with these external influences as they are not you or yours anyway. This puts a different spin on ‘working on yourself’ as you begin to see it is not about ‘fixing’ anything, but presencing places inside that you’ve previously been absent from.

It is just not possible to heal and feel whole when you’re not fully occupying your inner terrain.

Inner alchemy

1639216The gradual process of presencing or re-occupying these abandoned places inside is a mysterious one. Essentially it is a process of inner alchemy – of Spirit returning to grosser levels, bringing light where there was once darkness, and consciousness where there was unconsciousness.

Find out more about the Clairvision-style of Inner Space Techniques, and if you are interested in trying a session, contact me today for a free consultation on the phone or Skype.


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