Finding your way

As we head into a new year, it’s tempting to snap up an intention that seems to be on offer from the current buffet of platitudes:
Get fit, have more ‘me’ time, find a healthy work/life balance, meditate more, find peace.

Generic platitudes

Of course, there’s nothing essentially wrong with any of these things. The question is, do any of them actually mean anything to you? Do they move you, speak to your soul or make your heart sing? Probably not. Because they’re generic and they’re not yours. They are what we think or are told we need. They’re ideas that come from outside not within.

Quiet knowing

In contrast, what are the quiet callings of your spirit at the moment? What do you most need? What are you ripe for, ready to open to or be? How do you feel when you’re most alive and what can you do to cultivate these feelings more

The answers to these questions may be very different to what you think you want/need this year, and they’ll come from a place deep inside you – from stillness, a quiet knowing.

Clear fountain

But how do you access this knowing? Some call it intuition. In the Clairvision work, this inner knowing is referred to as the clear fountain.

As explained in Samuel Sagan’s Sleeper, Awaken! [p 113], the clear fountain “is an unlimited source of inspiration. It flows, always, and for all men and women, but few are those who know how to tap from its waters… words can be misleading, and images are not always simple to interpret, so the best way of listening to the fountain is by knowing. You will tune into the vertical flow of the fountain above your head, making yourself open and receptive, and you will know what you have to do or say. But remember that it is only with a pure heart that one can hear the clear fountain.” 

Time to listen

At first this knowing may be subtle, but the more you listen to it and act in accordance with it, the stronger and clearer it becomes. We’ve all had experiences of looking back at an incident and remembering the hunch we had and ignored, sometimes to devastating ends. In the beginning especially, it’s important to give yourself time to hear or receive this knowing. It’s often when we act impulsively or reactively that we override what we know feels right.

find your wayTrusting yourself

We humans can find innumerable ways to ignore our inner knowing, or do what we ‘think’ we should do. Community, reflection from trusted others and teachers are important, but more essential is listening to your knowing and finding your unique way. 

This tendency not to trust oneself can even play out with teachers and spiritual schools geared towards getting you in touch with your higher self and inner knowing. For years, I ignored my inner knowing to do what I thought my teacher wanted me to do. In my striving to be a ‘good spiritual student’ and fit a particular mould, I overrode what was right for me.

Relentlessly true

It requires courage to stay true to your inner knowing and follow your inner compass, especially if it means going against the current or breaking out of the box.

In my experience, brilliance emerges when a person – having immersed themselves in various teachings and exposed themselves to much knowledge – retains their sense of self and goes on to develop what is most true to them: their unique offering.

Pioneering spirits

BD1820-005The most inspiring people I’ve met aren’t those who have followed another’s lead, or fit perfectly into another’s concept of ‘success’, ‘brilliance’ or the ‘perfect student’. They are pioneers and have broken the rules. They have branched out and taken risks which may have alienated them from the crowd.

What has made them influential and able to give in the way that they do, is that they’ve stayed relentlessly true to their inner knowing.

Do you resonate with this post in any way? I’d love to hear your experiences in the comments below.

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