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Embrace your intensity. Embrace your anger. Embrace your grief. Embrace your mistakes. Embrace your hatred. Embrace your fear. Embrace your limits. Embrace your shame. Embrace your vulnerability. Embrace your humanness. Embrace your bigness. Embrace your younger self. Embrace your body. Embrace your sexuality. Embrace your intelligence. Embrace your shyness. Embrace your frustrations. Embrace your weaknesses. Embrace your closings. Embrace your emotions. Embrace your aging self. Embrace yourself.

Embrace it all.

What would that look like?
Probably very different to how it looks now, right?


The moment you stop resisting, you can meet all of yourself openly.

In other words, you experience more of who you are when you embrace what comes to you and accept what you experience inside.

This does not mean becoming passive or apathetic, but it does mean stopping the fight against what is. It’s also not about ‘making everything better’ or plastering over experiences with positive affirmations and good thoughts. It’s about taking an embracing attitude towards what is already there.

In other words, be present and open to what you are actually experiencing or what is happening, whether it’s unbearably painful, joyfully expansive or just fricking intense. Now that is awakening!


An alternative to habitual avoidance behaviors?

Often you feel experience that you don’t want to experience, so you do everything you can think of to avoid it. You may analyse it, dissect, excuse, cover up, suppress, get angry, distract yourself, turn to an addiction, leave the picture, sleep, eat comfort food, blame someone else, project, run away… so many habitual ways you try to ‘manage your experience’.

What if you could retrain yourself – gradually – to pause at these moments briefly and go inside towards the experience or feeling? What if you could make space for it, enter it, even embrace it?


Become willing to experience whatever is happening.

w1Whenever I successfully do this, I’m surprised by how even the most painful feelings or charged intensity only seems to need my full presence and awareness for a few minutes to open and shift. And it’s such a relief! So much time and further pain – caused by a lot of avoidance habits – is saved.

Just like when a good friend really hears you or when you feel matched in what you’re experiencing, you can let go, feel held and move on feeling so much lighter. AND you are more connected to yourself in the process.


Own your intensity

Working with clients and on myself for over a decade has led me to see that ultimately what we reject or repress most is our bigness, our intensity – the part that could create and achieve things of a great magnitude, and yes, could also destroy those things we love. 

It can be terrifying facing such parts of ourselves, not to mention the challenge of ignoring the messages we get from our community that ‘being intense is not okay‘.

Yet, owning your intensity – accepting and entering your rage or hate, opening into forces inside that currently work against you, being the bigger you – is life changing. A whole set of neurotic tendencies and avoidance mechanisms can simply drop when you are truly in your power.

There are no established pathways for embracing such parts of ourselves, and it is likely you were not taught nor encouraged to do so. That is what I am here for.

Find out more about Embrace You Coaching, and contact me if you’d like to try a free 45 min coaching session.


Your presence is big enough to hold any experience.

s1 Even the most devastating, horrendous grief, or the most rageful hate – it can all be held by your higher self – the part that can make this process work.

More often than not, it’s a matter of pausing and making space. Give yourself 30 seconds to breathe and make the decision not to go into a habitual pattern. Instead, go inside and turn towards the experience, make space for it – allow it to exist. Not only will entering the experience transmute it, but it will bring you so much closer to yourself.

If you would like help to change unsupportive habits and develop a more embracing attitude towards yourself and your life, get in touch and book a free 45 min coaching session with me (limited number on offer).

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