Emma Swan

BSc. (Hons) Psych.

Born in London and brought up in Sydney, Australia, I am now based at the Clairvision headquarters in Northern California and regularly visit Phoenix, Arizona.

I am an Inner Space Techniques (IST) practitioner with more than 15 years’ experience doing powerful inner work on myself and with clients. My training has taken place with the Clairvision School of meditation since 2002, including 7 years of full-time practices and working closely with the late founder, Samuel Sagan MD, PhD.

I see clients in person in California and Arizona, as well as on Skype with clients from all around the world. I also do talks and run Clairvision courses all around the US.

My philosophy

I am passionate about helping people plunge into their inner world in quest of further self-knowledge, and I have the gift of helping people reconnect with higher parts of themselves.

Through the intensive inner work I’ve done on myself and others, I’ve seen that everyone has deep within them all the resources they need to navigate this life, be fulfilled and at peace.

Unfortunately, most of us are disconnected from our own depths, and instead suffer, ‘put up with things’, and carry burdens from the past. I can help you reconnect with these deep inner resources that can serve you throughout your life.

Clairvision School of meditation

The Clairvision School emphasizes first-hand experience over belief, and offers a suite of tried and tested methods to explore and elevate your consciousness.

In addition to teaching meditation to a high level, the school has developed its own style of alternative therapy revolving around the inner space of meditation, known as Inner Space Techniques (IST).

The Clairvision School is about substance and direct experience, and favors depth and integrity over quick fixes and easy solutions.

The school rests on the Fellowship of students, over almost 30 years, who have poured their love and dedication into the work and each other.

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