What is IST?

IST stands for Inner Space Techniques, a set of tools for self-exploration, and emotional and energetic healing. The central technique is Inner Space Interactive Sourcing.

These techniques work at a deep level beyond the ordinary mind – an inner state of consciousness, akin to a space of meditation.

IST is a powerful tool at all levels: for those wanting help to navigate through their issues in life, to those searching for a true spiritual path.

How did IST develop?

IST was developed over 25 years by a group of psychologists and health practitioners working with Samuel Sagan MD, PhD, founder of the Clairvision School of meditation.

Principles of IST

Inner Space Interactive Sourcing

Sourcing is the key direction of each session – from the symptoms to the cause. From the external layer of thoughts, emotions and patterns to the roots in the depths of the psyche. This is where real and lasting resolution comes from.

The safe and held environment allows for the release of deeply held emotions and traumatic imprints. Even more powerfully, it is at these buried places inside, that you can experience your real self, your essence.

Benefits of IST

* Lasting change and resolution of mental, emotional and energetic issues.

* Overcome a range of emotional issues,  from anxiety, low self-esteem and negative thinking, to unhealthy relationship patterns and blocked sexuality or creativity.

* You are empowered as a client to become an active participant in your healing and emancipation.

* Clarity, healing and awakening, which bring a greater sense of freedom, joy and self-knowledge to your life.

* Explore your rich inner world and connect with the fullness of who you are.

* Metaphysical realizations and reconnections with higher parts of yourself.

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