Clearing therapy

Just as there are physical parasites, there are energetic parasites that affect the layer of life force. This is a concept found in many forms of traditional medicine, such as ayurveda and acupuncture.

These foreign energies may have the effect of exacerbating particular emotions and cravings, as well as draining vitality.

When explored using IST and then removed using a specific clearing technique, the client is freed from the experience of the parasite’s presence and the symptoms created by it.

Energetic healing

IST works on the layer of life force to release blockages and move negative energies out of the client’s system.

Life force is a concept found in several systems of healing:

  • Chinese medicine and acupuncture refer to it as Qi
  • Western Anthroposophical medicine calls it the etheric
  • Ayurveda and the Vedas of the Indian tradition, use the termprana

Like acupuncture, IST addresses problems which have their source in the layer of life force, but without the needles!

Direct personal experience is central to all Inner Space Techniques. The client is taught energy management techniques for daily life to complement their healing sessions.