IST sessions

The sessions I offer focus on finding the cause of your issues so you are truly free of them in your life – pulling the weed up from its root so to speak.

Inner Space Techniques work at a deep embodied level, a meditation-based space beyond the ordinary mind and its chatter.

Before working together, I’ll teach you some fundamental meditation techniques to help you connect with this deeper inner space. No prior experience of meditation is required

Inner Space Interactive Sourcing

This technique works on a deep level to resolve emotional issues, explore your rich inner world and connect with your spiritual magnitude.

In the session, the client is lying down with their eyes closed, giving them the opportunity to let their awareness deepen into their ‘inner space’.  Sessions are conducted one-on-one, in person or over the phone/Skype.

Other Inner Space Techniques I offer include a clearing therapy of energetic parasites, and other related healing practices.

I am able to give IST sessions remotely when we have had contact previously. Clearings must take place in person.


Sessions are offered in blocks of 5 because when you make this commitment, not only do we have the time to resolve the issue, but you tend to go deeper and receive much more than from an individual, isolated session.

Put simply, the benefits you receive from IST increase exponentially when the commitment is there. I suggest when starting out, if you are unsure, book one session to see if it’s right for you before booking a block of 5.

Sessions are 1.5 hours long (including briefing/debriefing), and my rate is US$120/hour. I also write up and email you notes afterwards, to help integrate the shifts made and realizations had during the session.

1 session US$180
5 sessions US$825 (includes a $75 discount) – this can be paid in two installments

Methods of payment

Payments are made in advance of the session/s using the following methods:
US/UK – bank transfer, Paypal
Rest of world – Paypal, Transferwise

Get in touch now

A free 30 minute phone consultation is included beforehand to give you a chance to share where you are at, to ask any questions, and get to know me better before working together.